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the Basics

I am Andrea Bolding, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher with Yoga Australia & Meditation Australia. I am also a Registered Nurse with AHPRA and an iRest, TRTP, EFT, EMDR Practitioner.

My 25+ years experiences in the Health Sector, have shown me that Health is the result of Multiple Factors. Factors often not able to be addressed in the current Hospital Based System. Including the socio-economic factors that underpin a robust Mental Wellness and Healthy Nervous System, plus access to the Health Care Sructures to support us when things go awry.

These facts fueled my desire to work with all that underpins Good Health and a sense of Wellbeing. In 2011 I trained as a Yoga Instructor. My training also includes modalities as EMDR , Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Evidence Based EFT, iRest & Mindfulness.

How it came to be

Around 2010, I was noticing the same people coming in with the same problems, with little to no progress. Prevention measures were low or ad hoc. My attention turned beyond the current Hospital & G.P. Care Model, and I started getting more involved with the Building Blocks that underpin Good Health.

My Story

Thanks to my Mum, I have always had an interest in homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage and chiropractor; as a teen in the 70’s we were Early Users, often driving many kms to the only Practitioner. It was a natural health care choice.

Nursing: In my early days of Nursing Training (1983), I religiously practiced Yoga and Meditation, but soon realized such ideas on health were Not Welcome in the Bio-Medical Model – which at that time was more illness recovery focused – reliant on medication and surgery.

Once I finished my first year nursing post grad, I headed overseas & studied Acupuncture at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in an exciting and far more traditional 1988 style China). This cemented the Foundations for a comprehensive understanding of Health from a far more expansive Chinese perspective – One that included Emotions, the manner in which we Think, the subtle Energy component of the Human Body, the subtle impact of Environmental Factors – far greater than that of the limited Western Medical view.

Out of Sync with myself When I came back, I pursued my understanding with my ¬†training in specialties of Midwifery and Intensive Care. Whilst I was loving it & was ticking all my boxes – I did find juggling a newborn (born in the Mid Semester Break) of a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Health proved taxing – & so shortly after returning from a stint in a Remote Area Indigenous Community, I experienced a severe acute rare inflammatory illness & then autoimmune disease. This put an instant Full Stop on Life as I knew it. – my gung-ho ‘I can do anything’, attitude was shot down in flames, I got to taste Humble Pie struggling getting up stairs and with basic self care duties, like showering: let alone managing a little ‘not quite 2 year old’. Without a diagnosis – I had the kindly Dr ‘pat on the hand’, telling me “your just stressed dear” ……… then began a slippery slide between depression, anxiety and misery as I held the mindset ‘Embrace Life’ something is wrong with ME – something in myself- I don’t Do Sick . Like so many, I pushed my unwilling body and felt more horrible thoughts towards myself.