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A place for Relaxation, Ease, Peace, Growth, Fun, & Transformation

We provide group classes, course and Private Consultations using the Richards’s Trauma Process,

Evidence Based EFT for weight Loss, Anxiety, or Performance and Achievement of Goals: working through Blocks and old outdated Beliefs.

Yoga and Meditation

iRest Yoga Nidra

Workshops such as enVISION – Explore & Achieve the Future you desire, incorporating skills to address Road Blocks of old Beliefs and habits getting in your way.

Our Yoga Classes provide the skills Fundamental to any Yoga Class – Those of Breath, Meditation, the physical Asana and Yoga Nidra.

iRest Yoga Nidra provides a format to safely explore all that makes up You and establish an adventurous, strong peaceful Connection to Yourself. A powerful practice for Relaxation, Ease, Personal Development or a way to approach Trauma symptoms.



Our foundation is


Whether it’s through Yoga and all it’s elements, through Meditation or the other Trauma Sensitive techniques. Our aim is to have a sense of adventure, to simply enjoy the Exploring and re-establishing Connection to our Selves & to others we share practices with . So through doing Yoga or Deep Dive &  explore using TRTP or EFT or iRest Dyads all there is to us and how we move through the world.


Our Instructors

Andrea and Guest instructors
Yoga for Wellness
Our Yoga incorporates all of the fundamental components that underpin a Healthy Balanced nervous System. In this way Yoga practiced regularly - is a powerful means to restore balance and Wellness Yoga is known largely for the practice of asanas, that is the physical postures and shapes. There are many different styles of Physical Posture Yoga some focusing on precision alignment and execution of the postures, some Hot, some slow calm and focused on connective tissue. Yoga is much more than the physical aspects and our classes aim to incorporate breath, bandhas, meditation and a short Yoga Nidra. 

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This iRest Workshop Is For Everyone

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Workshops provide an oppurtunity for a deeper exploring of the components making up iRest Yoga Nidra 

These Techniques are for Everyone

Trauma Sensitive Techniques

One to one Private Consultations of a variety of Trauma Sensitive Techniques – the Richards Trauma Process, Evidence Based EFT and iRest Dyads

This Is Yoga is For Everyone

No prior Knowledge or practice required

Our classes provide the rich skills Fundamental to any Yoga Practice. – Those of Breath, Meditation, the physical Postures and Yoga Nidra.           

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